Minimalist searchbox for Firefox

23 décembre 2010

As you know, I love how the Firefox UI can be customized with only a few lines of CSS. This time, I wanted to simplify the Search box of Firefox 4 — because I don’t think we need a bright search-engine icon, and the useless magnifying glass button. Here is the result:

Firefox 4 minimalist search bar — with a few lines in

Compare with the original theme:

Firefox 4 searchbar using the default

And here are the few lines you can add to your userChrome.css to achieve this result:

/* Remove the magnifying glass icon on the right of the searchbox */
.search-go-container { display: none; }
.searchbar-textbox .textbox-input-box { padding-right: 7px !important; }

/* Replace the active search engine icon by a magnifying glass */
.searchbar-engine-image { display: none; }
.searchbar-engine-button {
  padding-left: 16px !important;
  background: url("chrome://browser/skin/Search.png") 4px 4px no-repeat;

Tested with Firefox 4.0b8 — but should work with Firefox 3.6 too.


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