Simple Mandelbrot generator using Python

16 mai 2008

I was looking for a programming language for beginners, that I could teach to my little sister — something different from Basic, which is a bit outdated. I finally looked at Python, and I wrote a small Fractal generator for testing purpose. As I didn’t found a simple example on the Internet, I give my version here.

It is only a simple example, which generate the Mandelbrot fractal. At first, no zoom, no colors — I implemented that later, but here is the first and simplest version. And it works on Mac and Windows, of course.

Simple Mandelbrot fractal using

And here is the code :

[python]from Tkinter import *# Global variablescwidth = 300         # Width of the canvascheight = 300        # Height of the canvasloops = 200          # Maximum number of iterations# Mandelbrot function# cv : canvas# x1, y1 : coordinates of the uper left point of the window# x2, y2 : coordinates of the bottom right point of the windowdef mandel(cv, x1, y1, x2, y2):    # Compute the x and y increment    dx = float(abs(x2 - x1)) / cwidth    dy = float(abs(y2 - y1)) / cheight        # Let's start the maths    y = y1    for j in range(0, cheight):        x = x1        for i in range(0, cwidth):                        x = x + dx            c = complex(x, y)            a = 0            # Core loop : x = x^2 + c, loop n times,            # and see if the number escape from a circle centered on 0            for k in range(0, loops):                a = a*a + c                if abs(a) > 4:                    break                        # Draw a plot if we didn't escape the loop            if k == (loops - 1):                cv.create_line(i, j, i, j + 1)                    y = y - dy        cv.update()# Create window and canvasroot = Tk()c = Canvas(root,width = cwidth, height = cheight)c.pack()# Draw the Mandelbrot fractalmandel(c, -2, 2, 2, -2)# Run event looproot.mainloop()

Next week we’ll see how to add some colors and zoom support without hassle.


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